It’s our wish to bring you the most authentic and best real-time experience from Japan!

We’re currently offering 2 types of subscription boxes that you can choose from: Kizuna Lifestyle Box and Kizuna Snack Box.

Kizuna Lifestyle Box delivers to you monthly selections of 6 to 8 high-quality Japanese goodies that include ceramics, cloths, stationery, snacks and so on.

Meanwhile, Kizuna Snack Box contains 13 to 16 artisanal and limited edition Japanese snack and beverage items coupled with 1 or 2 cultural and lifestyle items. Often times, these snacks are only available in a specific region or time of the year.

Need more reasons to sign up?

We are the team behind the Re-Discovery Japan website and Facebook pages that have been sending you information for living and traveling in Japan over the years. Now we’ve decided to launch our Kizuna Subscription Box to make sure that the Japan that you’ve rediscovered is delivered to your door, no matter where you are in the world.

The items in our boxes are what Japanese actually use, eat, give each other as gifts, and want. We can confirm that since 3 out of 4 team members are Japanese and the other one is a foreigner who has been living in Japan for over 6 years. Thus, we know what makes both Japanese and non-Japanese alike happy, and we put that in your box.

Japanese appreciate and celebrate nature and the passage of seasons. That’s why for our monthly subscription boxes, we carefully curate items that are related to or inspired by the weather, nature, as well as seasonal and cultural activities of that specific month in Japan to give you the best real-time experience